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Most of the long-range weather forecasts for the UK broadly agree with a recently published Met Office blog, predicting a higher-than-normal incidence of Northerly airflows and an

‘…increasing the potential for cold snaps with some threat of snow and ice…’

With this in mind we thought we’d remind you of our excellent range of winter motoring essentials. Typically demand for these products shoots up as cold snaps bite. Being ahead of the game and stocking up on the essentials can pay dividends.

Our winter range covers products across many brands but for the sake of this post we thought we’d focus on our increasingly popular NAPA WINTER ESSENTIALS, that include, cables, antifreeze, screen wash, de-icing products and some handy winter kits. Read on for more details of everything you need to keep you safe and rolling as temperatures drop.

Light & Heavy-Duty Booster Cables

A flat battery can happen at any time so NAPA’s new booster cables are a must-have winter essential. The NAPA PROFESSIONAL BOOSTER CABLES feature: 

  • Heavy-duty insulated clips  
  • 100% pure copper conductors  
  • Colour-coded leads (black for negative & red for positive)  
  • Flexible safe-grip handles  
  • Versatile clamps (grip, side mount or top post terminals)  
  • Carry bag for safe storage & transportation 

We can also supply the lighter NAPA PROFORMER BOOSTER CABLES which feature: 

  • Metal clips with insulated handles  
  • Flexible colour-coded cables  
  • Oil, acid, & heat resistant  
  • PVC Carry bag for safe storage & transportation 

With booster cable options available for all uses, you can rely on us to get your vehicle running.  

A Great Selection of Antifreeze Products

NAPA antifreeze is a ready-to-use engine coolant, and their range covers over 98% of vehicles on UK roads. NAPA antifreeze products are blended to the latest BS6580 specification and feature anti-glug bottle technology to reduce spillage. All our NAPA antifreeze products come with a manufacturer’s warranty guarantee* 

Depending on the product you choose and the concentration you mix, NAPA antifreeze will offer freezing protection down to -56 degrees C.  For your convenience, all our NAPA antifreeze products are available in consumer friendly 1L & 5L bottles as well as in professionally focussed 20L and 199L drums.  

Contact our friendly counter team today for trade orders or for advice on the best product for your vehicle. 

*If the correct antifreeze and dilution is used as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. 

Fast Acting Screen Wash

NAPA screen wash is fast acting and highly concentrated so you can adjust the mix depending on the conditions.  These products are: 

  • Fast acting and highly concentrated 
  • Protect down to -30°C 
  • Actually, suitable for winter and summer use 
  • Available in sizes ranging from a handy 500ml bottle to keep in your car for emergencies up to a 199L barrel for commercial use. 

Customers can pop in to pick up supplies and we’ll deliver larger orders to our trade clients. 

De Icing Sprays and Scrapers

It’s important that you maintain the best possible visibility before every journey, especially on those icy mornings.  To help you do this quickly, effectively and without damaging your glass we stock… 

NAPA DE-ICER in a trigger spray and aerosol dispenser. Using a spray product saves valuable time and avoids drivers damaging their glass with excessive scraping.  Our de-icer comes from a UK based ISO9001:2015 accredited manufacturer, is easy to use and offers no smear cleaning. 

If you run out of spray or you like to take a more manual approach to clearing ice from your windows, then we offer NAPA ice scrapers.  These come with: 

  • Padded comfort grips over
  • Heavy duty ergonomic handles
  • Wide angled blades for increased contact 

Our scrapers are made from durable materials and remove snow and ice quickly and effectively.  

Handy Winter Kits

Last but not least, if you have no winter gear at all you might want to choose one of our handy winter kits.  This package of products gives you everything you need to keep your windscreen clear and clean including; 500ml de icer trigger spray, 500ml concentrated screen wash and a handy ice scraper.   

This compact kit is effective and ideal for gifting to help your loved ones maintain excellent visibility & remain safe. 

Contact us For Advice

As with everything we sell, especially the antifreeze solutions, please don’t hesitate to contact our auto part experts if you need advice on the right product for your vehicle. All the winter products above are available from stock and if you have a specific brand in mind just drop us a line as we’ll either have that in or will be able to get it for you same or next day.

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